"Practice constitutes learning from one, becoming cognisant of ten, then returning from ten to one, the beginning."


Please meet the teaching staff of Urasenke Boston. These instructors rotate teaching responsibilities at the Kyo-no-machiya in the Boston Children's Museum.

Glenn Sorei Pereira
Kyoju, Master

Glenn-sensei started studying tea ceremony in 1981 and is a graduate of the Urasenke Professional College of Chado in Kyoto, Japan. He has been teaching with the Urasenke Boston Association since 1983.

Yuko Soyu Sato
Chamei, 2nd Degree Instructor

Yuko-sensei started studying tea ceremony in 1987 and has participated in intensive study both in Boston and Japan.

Miho Soho Machida
Chamei, 2nd Degree Instructor

Miho-sensei started studying tea ceremony in 1999 and has participated in intensive study both in Boston and Japan.


Can I observe a class?

Yes! No commitment necessary. We would LOVE to serve you a bowl of tea! Please contact us to make an appointment.

When are classes available?

Classes are held throughout the week. Please contact any of the instructors for more details.

What should I know before I attend a class?

You may wear Japanese or Western attire. For Japanese attire, a kimono is appropriate for both men and women. For Western attire, both men and women should wear clean white socks, and women should wear a skirt or dress that covers her knees when sitting. Please avoid: watches, jewelry, perfume, cologne, jeans, or bare shoulders.