"Know that chanoyu is a matter of simply boiling water, making the tea, and drinking it."

Meet the Members

"I've grown more and more fascinated by the way Tea provides me a means of getting deep into a rich tradition of aesthetic appreciation and artistic production – not just looking at things, but using them, making them, and combining them in collaboration with other practitioners." Michelle

"My studying and practice takes me away to another place, away from the stress of everyday life and has broadened my circle of friends from around the world who also practice. A simple bowl of tea can open a new world." Bruce

"Having a good focus on a single movement has given great reflection in my daily life activities. I become more positively patient and focused on very small things such as handling items at home from clothes to dinnerware." Megumu

"Tea has almost every component of Japanese arts such as pottery, calligraphy, architecture, flower arrangement, and cooking." Yuko

"Spending time for the tea ceremony lessons is like meditation for me, and I feel I am learning myself through the process." Sanae

"Tea has changed my life by reminding me that we learn by making mistakes and that as long as you make the effort with all of your heart you have already achieved something special, and that, in turn, will warm the hearts of the people around you." Kasey

"I started studying tea six years ago while pursuing a graduate degree in computer science. Chado was the perfect hobby to help balance my stressed life: there were so many interesting things to learn, and the emphasis on philosophy and aesthetics was a welcome change from my usual field of study." Tracy

Current Officers

Honorary Advisor
Consul General Setsuo Ohmori
Consulate-General of Japan in Boston

Dr. David Howell
Harvard University

Chief of Administration
Glenn A. Sorei Pereira

Japanese Recording Secretary
Miho Soho Machida

English Recording Secretaries
Jason Pavel
Clayton Myers

Mutsumiko Brais

Keiko Hasegawa

Take the to Tea!

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Children's Museum of Boston
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210


Can you do a demonstration for my group?

Yes! We have done many demonstrations in the area, including at the Boston Children's Museum and at the Duxbury Art Complex. We are happy to do demonstrations for children and adults, alike. Please email us with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What does membership entitle me to?

All members may attend classes with the instructor of their choice, as their schedules allow. They are invited to the events of Hatsudate, Rikyuki, and Robiraki. Members are entitled to attend and vote at general meetings, help at demonstrations, and participate in special workshops.

I'm hooked! How can I become a member?

Simply download this Membership Application Form, fill it out, and send it in. Welcome!

I'm already a member. How can I renew my membership?

Just download this Membership Renewal Form, fill it out, and send it in. Welcome back!